East Bay

A couple is having a lunch in Berkeley.

I took a picture while I was visiting Pixar animation studio.

Trip to Korea (Bonguensa)

A temple where is located in heart of Gangnam in Korea.

Trip to Korea (Insadong)

I and my wife visited Insadong while we were staying in Korea.  This is a beautiful town that keeps charm of old Korea town.


S.F Carnival

Carnival San Franciso was held on 24th & Mission  around 9am in San Francisco on May 25th, we waited for Carnival  groups to show up for about an hour looking for the best spot to shoot pictures.  Mission street have colourful wall paintings.

It was so crowded, music was loud, and we were  hungry. We just went inside of a random restaurant , and the food was still good.

The boy in eagle costume looked little tired. :)

It was fun to watch people inside of windows. 

Flowers of the carnival, beautiful ladies!