Goh Nakamura, Scrabbel, and Grand Hallway in SF

I have known Goh Nakamura, who is an awesome musician over a decade.  He had a show at Cafe Du Nord in San Francisco, with other musicians like Grand Hallway and Scrabbel.
Unfortunately I could not stay long enough to take pictures of all the musicians at the show.


Trip to Lake Tahoe

I and Sungyeon drove to Lake Tahoe on Saturday.  The weather was very beautiful, and we had relaxing time.

Saturday breakfast while driving up to Tahoe.  It was traditional American restaurant that keeps old school theme.  We really liked here.  It's just so right to eat traditional American food when road tripping.

  A beautiful view of Lake Tahoe.  We had to stop and took this picture.
            A famous Emerald lake.  The small island in the lake used to be a tea house for nobles.
We were driving around the lake, and we stop by a private beach to just rest.
This place called "Marina lake" was 2 blocks from where we stayed.

Eating early dinner at a restaurant in the lake.  The atmosphere was great, but the food was over priced and not so good.

We were trying to take pictures of sunset, but we got our location to a wrong spot.  We couldn't catch nice sunset scenes.  Well, it's ok, we had a great time.


Macro shots of a few objects that I picked up

This is just experiment of macro shots.

Merry go round

Berkeley Tilden Park

I and Sungyeon visited Tilden Park.  There is a small farm where people can visit and watch animals.  They have rabbits, turkeys, pigs, goats, and cows.


San Francisco, North Beach


Welcome to Chinatown in San Francisco

I stop by Chinatown.  I like the vibrant color, and vividness of the town.  If you are in San Francisco, this place is worth to check out.