Making own arrows

One of the fun parts of archery is that you can customize your own arrow.  You need to calculate your draw length, and the weight of the bow to choose arrows.  Typically, you order the arrow shaft, nocks, feathers, inserts, and the points to match the bow.
Here are my tools, and arrows.

A hand made thumb ring

I made thumb rings out of a billiard ball.  I made total 3 of them, and 2 of them were failed, but the 3rd one was good. 

The first thumb ring.  I made it too small, and it did not fit that well.

This is the 2nd one.  It was ok, but the fitment was still not good.  This one is called "Sugakkji", which means male thumb ring.  It is called that way because of the belly, sticking out from the ring.  This kind of ring was used for heavy bows.

The 3rd one, that I am using currently.  I took a lot more time to make this one to fit my thumb.  It shoots well, and I like it.  However, I am going to make another male thumb ring for the future, because I have small and girly hands, I need a male thumb ring to use heavier bows.

Korean traditional archery

I started to practice Korean traditional archery.  It is different from western style.
The bow itself, is very recurved, and when it's unstrung, it's like C shape.  It also has no arrow rest, no sight to help aiming. 
Also, archers use a thumb ring, called "gakkji" to shoot arrows.   
You shoot arrows instinctively.  You do not aim.  It's like playing the golf, or basket ball.  You look at the target, and shoot.  Everything is muscle memories, which means it needs a lot of practice.
Korean bow is known for the small size, but powerful, fast, and shoot really far.  Normally, people practice shooting at targets that 145m away.
I can not find targets that far where I live, so I will be practicing 15, 20, 35, 45, and maybe 60 yards. 
I need to practice my form, at least a few month, and I might able to shoot at the same area of a target in 20-25 yards.....I don't know, maybe 6 month later?
I will try to shoot as much as I can, so I get better and better. 


My friend's family portrait

I had a chance to take pictures of my friend's family.  They are so photogenic, and all I did was pressing shutter button.  I really thank to them for the photo shoot.