Cloudy weather

You never know how the weather changes.  The day before was very sunny and almost 90 degree hot, then next day, it was cold and cloudy.  I prefer the cloudy weather when I have a short walk.
An old barn in Castro Valley
A short walk to top of the hill

A nice view from the top of hill.


flowers in Korea

한국의 산에 픤 꽃들은 더 순정있게 느껴진다.  약속있는길에  본 진달래를 또 찍으러 다음날 갔더니, 모두 지고 없었다...

Flowers in Korea look innocent and shy. I came back to shoot more photos later, and they fell on the ground and disappeared. 


Golden Gate Bridge in fog

I and Sungyeon visited Golden Gate Bridge.  It was really foggy, and we couldn't see the bridge.  If it was less fog, then pictures would have come out more exciting.


The weather was very foggy when I took these pictures.  It was my first time shooting pictures in the fog, and it was fun, although it was wet and cold.



I visited Stanford University memorial church, and Grace Cathedral in San Francisco.

Walking in San Francisco

San Francisco is one of my favorite cities.  I grabbed my camera, and just started to walk in the city.  I never know what kind of images I can capture.


morning garden

 Today, I grabbed a piece of bread, a picture book and a camera. And, I waited and waited until a humming bird to show up!


Tilden Park Botanic Garden

Beautiful creatures

I was very happy to take pictures of bees and butter flies.  They are beautiful creatures.


beautiful flowers

The great things about being a photographer is, paying attention to surroundings.  Try to find something that catches my eyes.  The vibrant color of flowers really pop in the green forest.