San Francisco pier 1

16th st bart station, and Mission district


Taking pictures of red while I was walking in San Francisco, Mission district.


Shooting some pictures in a bart that is going to San Francisco


Del Valle camping in Livermore, CA

It was over 100 degree, and a small stream got all dried out near our camp site.  It was too hot for camping, and it wasn't really pleasant.  I think either May or October is better time for camping in this area.


Night sky photography

This is my first time to take pictures of night sky photography.  It was much harder than I thought, but I had a lot of fun.  The starts look blurry in pictures because I was shooting them for 1 min exposure.  During the time, earth rotates and star moves, so you are seeing the movement of starts.  I gotta research of how to shoot stars, so that way I get crispy clear night sky pictures.

If you look at the last picture, you can see a line of light.  That is an air plane trail.



San Francisco

B&W version of San Francisco.  Every time I visit the city, I have so much fun.


San Francisco

San Francisco is my favorite city.  It's too bad that I do not live in this awesome city, but I am glad that I can visit here whenever I want.



A buddhist temple near my home town in Seoul, Korea.